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KMR Financial Advisory is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor specializing in the development of comprehensive financial plans, developing & managing investment portfolios, and providing quality financial planning advice. Frank Brannon CFP® is President of KMR Financial Advisory. Frank spent much of his career in corporate financial planning at a Fortune 200 company, and he started KMR Financial Advisory in 1997. Utilizing his undergraduate economics degree, an advanced degree in Decision Sciences, plus obtaining his CFP® license in 1996, he has been managing investment portfolios for almost 20 years. His firm also develops and maintains comprehensive financial plans for families, and provides other financial services such as budget development and tax and estate planning, to help clients meet their personal financial goals and achieve a successful and rewarding retirement.

The KMR Approach

KMR Financial Advisory follows a structured approach to assist clients in achieving their personal financial goals.  It starts with a comprehensive financial plan and then a plan to manage financial resources to ensure the success of the plan.  All managed by a Certified Financial Planner™ professional who as a fiduciary is bound to act in the client's best interest.  Click here for an overview.

Meet KMR Financial Advisory


Frank Brannon, CFP ®



Frank R. Brannon, CFP ®, is the president of KMR Financial Advisory, Inc.  Frank is a Certified Financial Planner professional and achieved his license in 1996 after completing the College for Financial Planning curriculum and passing the CFP Certification exam.  Frank's educational background includes:

  • The Lovett School, 1973
  • BA, Economics, Tulane University, 1977
  • Master of Decision Sciences, Georgia State University, 1980

Frank has worked most of his career in corporate financial planning for a Fortune 200 company.  He has also worked in the Information Technology areas, working with finance & accounting systems and managing $50 mm + budgets for projects and departments.

Frank has lived his entire life in Atlanta.  He loves golf and photography, going to motor races and volunteering at his church.

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